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Alira Health - SDA Bocconi Case Competition

We are pleased to announce that we are featuring the following competition for the second year : "Alira Health SDA Bocconi Case Competition." SDA Bocconi Healthcare Club and Alira Health announced the second annual case competition with a healthcare orientation. The competition will challenge the brightest students from the world’s top business schools in a case revolving around the healthca...
Profile PictureEmma Latini, Admin | September 28, 2018 comment 0   
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Best Practices for an Online Event - 10 DOs & DON'Ts

We are all aware of the time and budget constraints you may have as a recruiter leading you to limit your on campus recruiting to a short list of campuses. An online event can help you target talent more broadly than usually possible with campus visits and attract the type of candidates you perhaps haven’t thought of but are still a good fit for your company. In addition, it really helps to ge...
Profile PictureZana Z., Admin | July 12, 2018 comment 0   
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