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Why it took me so long to find a job post-MBA

By Ewelina Krzyzanowska 348. That’s how many days it took me to find a job after my MBA. Which also happens to be the number of times I was asked “How come you don’t have a job yet? What’s taking so long?” (cue eye roll) I embarked on my MBA journey almost two years ago (more if you count the countless hours spent studying for the dreaded GMAT) and if I am being completely honest, I went in...
Zana Z., Admin | July 6, 2017 2   
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The 30 Best Workplaces for Consulting and Professional Services

By Fortune Editors Consulting and professional services jobs can be highly demanding, and client needs aren't always predictable. These companies, though, go above and beyond to give their staff a sense of work-life balance without sacrificing employees' sense of progress, agency, or accomplishment. 1. Roth Staffing Companies 2. Cooley 3. Kimley-Horn 4. Slalom 5. Orrick, Herrington & S...
Zana Z., Admin | May 23, 2017 1   
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Apple, Google, and the 15 other best companies for women

By Rachel Gillett It really doesn't take all that much to be a good employer to the women in your company. Treat them with the same respect you show your male employees, show them that they're a valued resource by paying them and promoting them on par with their male counterparts, nix the boys club vibe and foster a more inclusive culture, and you'll be well on your way to gaining their loy...
Zana Z., Admin | November 30, 2016 0   
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The Business Schools Where Students Most Want To Go In 2016

Ready4, a Boston-based company that creates test prep app, recently released its annual list of the most desired business schools around the world. It surveyed over 250'000 prospective MBA students from 195 countries and asked them to name the top 10 schools they'd like to attend. "Finance still dominates the field for all schools, but there has been a shift toward technology in recent years. ...
Zana Z., Admin | October 3, 2016 2   
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“The Listener Retains Only the Words He Is Expecting”: Negotiating in China

The title of this article comes from Marco Polo’s description, to Kublai Khan, of negotiating in China during his travels. Polo’s words echo across the centuries even to today, a time of unprecedented globalization and cultural exchange. Despite the near-instantaneous access to cultural information, many non-Chinese are bewildered by the complex and elaborate dance of negotiating with the Chinese...
Brandt Arceneaux, Tulane University Freeman School Of Business '16 | May 12, 2016 0   

2016 Update: What Happens in One Internet Minute?

Big Data is inevitable. In one year we have created more data than ever before. The struggle to keep up with the services is intense and competition for the users is fierce. "Whether you realize it or not, as consumers, Big Data surrounds us everywhere, ultimately influencing decisions that we make every day." This is what actually happens in 60 seconds on the internet:
Zana Z., Admin | April 18, 2016 0   
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Outstanding Must-Read Article from McKinsey Global Director

As a McKinsey alumnus, I relate 100% to this article by McKinsey global managing director, Dominic Barton. I found it excellent with lots of shared lessons: -- Humbleness -- Persistence (he struggled initially to make it to partner) -- Setting your own bar (instead of following others' expectations) -- On-going learning -- Honesty and authenticity during crises -- Moving faster on people, ...
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | September 10, 2015 0   

Hiring an Executive Search Firm – Things to Know

Hiring top executives who can both manage and lead the organization effectively is a major challenge. When a firm makes vital senior level appointments, the risks are high. For such top-level roles, the basic salary is normally more than $150,000. Moreover, an organization will be looking for the most suitable candidate who meets all requirements in terms of educational qualification and experien...
Patrick Mataix - INSEAD MBA 96J, INSEAD '96 | January 16, 2015 1   
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CEO Worldwide's offices new telephone numbers

Dears, We wish you all the best for the upcoming year! CEO Worldwide's offices telephone numbers have changed: USA +1 646 898 2014 UK +44 203 137 2581 France +33 970 448 419 Germany +49 402 1091 2161 India +91 124 663 7651 Kind regards, CEO Worldwide Team
Patrick Mataix - INSEAD MBA 96J, INSEAD '96 | January 15, 2015 0   
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Strategic business risks: The Reputation Risk – Social licence to operate for mining companie

One of my favourite examples, when it comes to business risks, is the mining industry – given my background of almost 4 years in a TSX gold mining junior company that is running a still-permitting large scale open cast project in Romania. The most important risk – given that the deposit is proven and the technical difficulties have been alleviated, at this point, for any mining company in most co...
Titus Capilnean, Hult International Business School '14 | October 22, 2014 8