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Best Practices for an Online Event - 10 DOs & DON'Ts

We are all aware of the time and budget constraints you may have as a recruiter leading you to limit your on campus recruiting to a short list of campuses. An online event can help you target talent more broadly than usually possible with campus visits and attract the type of candidates you perhaps haven’t thought of but are still a good fit for your company. In addition, it really helps to ge...
Zana Z., Admin | July 12, 2018 2   
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Banking Sector stronge sector for growth in 2018

The banking sector was one of the strongest parts of the stock market in 2017, and it's not hard to understand why. Rising interest rates are boosting margins, deposits and assets are growing, and many banks are getting more efficient. Bank earnings are up nearly across the board. However, 2018 could be another good year for the industry, and our contributors think Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), Zions ...
Johnathan Raimondi, John Carroll University '18 | January 12, 2018 0   

Google to restructure into new holding company called Alphabet

After the stock markets closed on Monday, Google’s representatives announced a radical shake-up. Google is becoming a subsidiary of a new holding company, Alphabet. The reasoning behind it, as explained by Google co-founder Larry Page, is that Google is no longer just a search company and that they have gotten into several new venture businesses, which were financially supported by the successful...
Zana Z., Admin | August 11, 2015 1   

Great article re UBER's massive valuation

After just 5 years, UBER has now a valuation of over $17 billion. This is more than companies such as United Airlines and Alcoa, the largest aluminum producer in the world. No longer just about the taxi industry, the company’s vision is to “make car ownership a thing of the past.”
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | July 17, 2014 1   

The Elevator Pitch

This article is just a refresher that provides definition, structure, and examples of how to pitch venture capitalists.
LaRuan Cole, Hult International Business School '13 | February 23, 2014 0   

Power Africa Project

If there is ever a time in our lifetime to look at investing in sub-Sahara Africa, now is a great time!
LaRuan Cole, Hult International Business School '13 | February 18, 2014 0   
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Africa's Next Billion

Do you agree with the opportunities and challenges in Africa?! Sub-Sahara Africa is ripe for advancement - provided that negative media coverage is removed as well as outdated international sanctions that wards away potential investors.
LaRuan Cole, Hult International Business School '13 | January 30, 2014 0   

What is more important for a business: A good strategy or a leader?

Irving Frydman (Marketing & PR for IT Industry|Content Marketing|Writer|Social Media|LinkedIn Trainer) stated that: I would pick leadership over strategy because without a good leader, strategy execution will have very little chance of success. So what makes good leaders? They tend to be excellent communicators and know how to translate strategy into action across and deep within the organiz...
Renjith Bhadran, Nottingham University Business School '13 | January 24, 2014 0   
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Marketing Mistakes Serial Entrepreneurs Only Make Once

Excellent article from John Guesthouse: A startup’s marketing launch strategy should resemble an inverse funnel. As the launch proceeds, the degree of influence of the parties exposed to your product should commensurately grow. This approach allows your venture to “fail in the small” and make course corrections before spending significant marketing resources. It also facilitates determining...
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | September 1, 2013 0   

Warning on Africa's tsunami of investment - What are your takes on this? Is it time for Africa or is it an indicator of

A leading investment expert warns the wave of investment headed for Africa may not be such a good thing if businesses are not prepared for it. A tsunami of investment is heading for Africa and business needs to be ready to capitalise on this in a sustainable way.
Moustapha Ahmad, Rotterdam School Of Management '14 | May 3, 2013 0   
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