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Virtual Career Day: Outperforming expectations (Testimonial)

Written by Christian Siemens, Bain & Company Challenging times require innovative solutions – the same holds true for this year’s career day at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Having studied at Frankfurt School, I personally know of the great advantage that the format holds for students to receive first-hand insights from numerous top-tier companies across various industries. U...
Profile PictureZana Z., Admin | February 5, 2021 comment 0   
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Insights into Liberty Mutual Insurance Corporate Development Program (CDP)

For this week's Insights, we are bringing you an exclusive interview with MacKenzie Bachry, Senior Campus Recruiter, on Liberty Mutual Insurance Corporate Development Program (CDP) and recruiting strategy. When asked about recommendations to the candidates on what to look out for when searching for their next career opportunity, MacKenzie says: "Make sure you’re also looking into the company cult...
Profile PictureZana Z., Admin | May 25, 2020 comment 1   

Best Practices for an Online Event - 10 DOs & DON'Ts

We are all aware of the time and budget constraints you may have as a recruiter leading you to limit your on campus recruiting to a short list of campuses. An online event can help you target talent more broadly than usually possible with campus visits and attract the type of candidates you perhaps haven’t thought of but are still a good fit for your company. In addition, it really helps to ge...
Profile PictureZana Z., Admin | July 12, 2018 comment 0   
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