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2017 Rotman Design Challenge Recap

On April 1st and 2nd, over 125 students from 12 leading business and design schools across Canada, the USA, and Europe competed at the Rotman Design Challenge (RDC) in Toronto Canada for a total prize of $17,000 CAD. The challenge put forth by Canadian telecom sponsor TELUS was... "Our vision is to be admired globally for the remarkable outcomes we create in the lives of our customers, employees,...
John Stevenson, Toronto - Rotman School Of Management '17 | April 6, 2017 0   
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The 3 Ways to Source Anything

All business processes have multiple components. These components involve products and services which can either be produced by the business itself (i.e. in-house production), sourced from a few specialized entities (i.e. outsourcing) or can be sourced from a large number of outsiders (i.e. crowd-sourcing). The advantages and disadvantages of each are given below: In-house Production - ...
Manish HADA, TIAS School For Business And Society '17 | March 17, 2017 0   

Brand Value & the Most Powerful Brands 2016 (with Infographic)

Brand makes your business unique. It sets the company apart and has the ability to position the business on the top in their specific industry. Sometimes, a brand is the company’s most valuable assets. In fact, many companies are often referred to by the name used in their brand – and they become one and the same. A strong brand identity drives customer loyalty, for the simple fact that once a cu...
Zana Z., Admin | August 9, 2016 0   
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Development Programs gaining momentum among MBA Students

MBA Students are increasingly interested in the fast-track careers offered by the MBA Development Programs. They searched our directory almost 200'000 times, to identify the right programs for them. This is an 80 % increase from the previous year. We are happy to share their most popular programs in our 2016 Ranking of MBA Development Programs. Let us know what you think, share with colleag...
Zana Z., Admin | June 13, 2016 0   
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Insights into Emerson's MBA Development Program

For this week's Insights, we are bringing you an exclusive interview with Cristina Demeter, Talent Acquisition Manager Europe, on Emerson's development programs and recruiting strategy. When choosing between a direct hire and development program, here's the tip #1 from Cristina: "Think about your long-term objectives and career path you would like to follow". 1. What is Emerson’s Talent Devel...
Zana Z., Admin | March 2, 2016 0   

Why do Japanese Wear Facemarks During the Winter ?

Another interesting insight from Massimo Gilmozzi. Here are some useful tips and insights on cultural differences and lowest common denominators matching situations worldwide.
Tommaso Concina, MIP - Politecnico Di Milano '17 | February 28, 2016 0   

The First Four Things You Should Do Every Work Day

With the pace of life speeding up, the to-do list can easily pile up. How to tackle it successfully and learn to prioritize is a challenge many face. Before resorting to longer working hours to increase your productivity, try first implementing these four things into your morning routine: 1. Eat the frog. "Mark Twain once said that if the first thing you do in the morning is eat a live frog, ...
Zana Z., Admin | February 17, 2016 3   

Outstanding Must-Read Article from McKinsey Global Director

As a McKinsey alumnus, I relate 100% to this article by McKinsey global managing director, Dominic Barton. I found it excellent with lots of shared lessons: -- Humbleness -- Persistence (he struggled initially to make it to partner) -- Setting your own bar (instead of following others' expectations) -- On-going learning -- Honesty and authenticity during crises -- Moving faster on people, ...
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | September 10, 2015 0   

What makes Accenture different for MBA hires?

Listen to perspectives from members from our Accenture Strategy leadership - Ryan Pearce, Sonja Gupta, Daniel Benton and Claire Yang - as they discuss what working within the Accenture Strategy team is about, and how you as an MBA graduate will benefit from being a part of the team. Learn more about the "Accenture - Strategy MBA Internships".
Arantxa Cinca, Admin | August 31, 2015 0   

Google to restructure into new holding company called Alphabet

After the stock markets closed on Monday, Google’s representatives announced a radical shake-up. Google is becoming a subsidiary of a new holding company, Alphabet. The reasoning behind it, as explained by Google co-founder Larry Page, is that Google is no longer just a search company and that they have gotten into several new venture businesses, which were financially supported by the successful...
Zana Z., Admin | August 11, 2015 0