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I love this video

This is a great video. Fun, authentic, viral... Makes HEC really stand out among other schools. Tells so much about where the class is coming from and their common desire to grow professionally as well as personally. Go HEC! It is my pleasure running bootcamps* twice a year to your MBAs Bilal *on leadership development programs
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | February 5, 2019 0   

China Economy

China has shifted from a ‘me too’ economy, producing things designed elsewhere to a world leader in research and innovation. Its strategic importance has inspired our series of articles in partnership with the Wall Street Journal, where we explore how the country’s changing the game in fields such as healthcare, manufacturing and pollution control. For example, iCarbonX is a healthcare company...
Johnathan Raimondi, John Carroll University '18 | January 12, 2018 0   

Press Release: Hofstede Insights and form a strategic partnership

Hofstede Insights and form a strategic partnership Hofstede Insights, the global leader in research based culture management, and, an expert on helping students gain insights into the recruiting market and access the right career opportunities, announced a strategic partnership. The partnership combines Hofstede Insights’ expertise in managing the impact ...
Arantxa Cinca, Admin | October 31, 2017 2   

Creating a Synchronized Global Trade Supply Chain

In an increasingly interconnected world, where trade is a core component of economic activity, creating a more seamless global supply chain is now vital, however, a new generation of tech-savvy freight forwarders may be creating just the right amount of disruption the industry needs to improve synchronization. By Patrick Burnson November 04, 2016 A wide range of free-trade agreements (FTAs)...
Cristian Vargas Castillo, Grenoble Ecole De Management '18 | November 4, 2016 1   

Working Across Different Industries

“How is it like moving across industries?” This is the second question people ask me when asked about my background in networking events recently. It is also the reason why I decided to share my experience and thoughts. Well, not only have I moved across industries but regardless of the titles the job was mostly doing internal consulting roles which needs the most knowledge about the industry a p...
Fatema El-Wakeel, Alliance Manchester Business School '15 | December 31, 2014 3   
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3 things you'll need to succeed with Indian Manufacturing

Our iCEO Waseem Hussain shares his expert knowledge on the Indian Market and lists the tools to succed with Indian Manufacturing. ..
Patrick Mataix - INSEAD MBA 96J, INSEAD '96 | November 19, 2014 0   
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Loon for all

Balloon-powered internet for everyone? Google X are trying to bring internet connectivity to the rest of the world. Two-thirds of the world's population does not yet have access. Definitely a space to watch...
Inge Lok, Kingston Business School '15 | September 27, 2014 3   

3 Ways To Connect With Anyone

Whether you are a global nomad or someone who likes the suburban life, you want to be able to connect with people and avoid those awkward long pauses after you greet someone. You know the ones where you are staring at each other and scrambling to utter something coherent only for it to come out as utter gibberish-okay maybe that's extreme- but the point remains that most people crave connection. ...
Tayo Rockson, Fordham University - Gabelli School Of Business '15 | June 17, 2014 0   

Dubai: Desert oasis or mirage for expats?

After earning my MBA, primarily in Dubai, I find this article very helpful in my search for employment in this city of extravagance.
LaRuan Cole, Hult International Business School '13 | February 26, 2014 0   

Power Africa Project

If there is ever a time in our lifetime to look at investing in sub-Sahara Africa, now is a great time!
LaRuan Cole, Hult International Business School '13 | February 18, 2014 0   
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