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How to Use Social Media to Land a Job Fast

In this presentation entitled How to Use Social Media to Get Found and Land a Job Faster, Miriam Salpeter, Job Search/Social Media Coach and author of the book Social Networking for Career Success shares her tips and insights on the best ways to use social media for career advancement.
roy young, NYU Stern School Of Business - New York University '08 | January 6, 2017 1   

Using Twitter to Add a Real-Time Dimension to Your Job Search

In this one-hour presentation entitled Using Twitter: Add Real-Time Networking to Your Job-Search Campaign, Hannah Morgan, co-author of the book Social Networking for Business Success focuses on Twitter and how you can utilize it to create connections and build your network for career development. Twitter is an open network. You can follow anyone and anyone can follow you. The beauty of it ...
roy young, NYU Stern School Of Business - New York University '08 | November 29, 2016 0   

CFO Options and what it means for Pokemon Go

CFOs can transform their businesses in multiple ways. Watch these two minutes (starting 2:11) that are worthy of any finance lecture. What would you do if you were the CFO of Nintendo? Bilal
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | August 1, 2016 2   

2016 Update: What Happens in One Internet Minute?

Big Data is inevitable. In one year we have created more data than ever before. The struggle to keep up with the services is intense and competition for the users is fierce. "Whether you realize it or not, as consumers, Big Data surrounds us everywhere, ultimately influencing decisions that we make every day." This is what actually happens in 60 seconds on the internet:
Zana Z., Admin | April 18, 2016 0   
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A product take on Ello and Facebook match up

Well let me start by stating the obvious: “Facebook & Ello is not as different as is being written about in terms of its product launch strategy”. Read on to know how and why… The definitions… Social media platform(s) is by its very definition a medium (online in these cases) to share information socially, while advertising is a process applied by organizations, communities, and even indivi...
Amit Kumar Singh, IESE Business School '13 | April 5, 2015 1   

Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism

"The key is to know your customer, figure out the correct digital channel, and use these insights while building your ecosystem. The digital revolution cuts two ways for companies as customers with a wider range of options become more difficult to reel in. However, brands that have moved swiftly to master digital channels—gaining a deep understanding of customer preferences, crafting digital expe...
Inge Lok, Kingston Business School '15 | February 28, 2015 0   

Strategic choices for banks in the digital age

If the last epoch in retail banking was defined by a boom-to-bust expansion of consumer credit, the current one will be defined by digital. This will include rapid innovation in payments and the broader transformation in systems enabled by digital technologies. The urgency of acting is acute. Banks have three to five years at most to become digitally proficient. If they fail to take action, they ...
Marco A. Sahli, Webster University '05 | January 31, 2015 0   

Strategic business risks: The Reputation Risk – Social licence to operate for mining companie

One of my favourite examples, when it comes to business risks, is the mining industry – given my background of almost 4 years in a TSX gold mining junior company that is running a still-permitting large scale open cast project in Romania. The most important risk – given that the deposit is proven and the technical difficulties have been alleviated, at this point, for any mining company in most co...
Titus Capilnean, Hult International Business School '14 | October 22, 2014 8   

Say Hello to Ello, Alternative to Social Network Facebook

Budnitz (Ello founder) says “Our goal is not to take over the world, we’re not here to compete with Facebook.” Making social media simple, fun and ad-free again? Or just another Google+?
Inge Lok, Kingston Business School '15 | September 27, 2014 1   

Great article re UBER's massive valuation

After just 5 years, UBER has now a valuation of over $17 billion. This is more than companies such as United Airlines and Alcoa, the largest aluminum producer in the world. No longer just about the taxi industry, the company’s vision is to “make car ownership a thing of the past.”
Bilal Ojjeh, Admin | July 17, 2014 0