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Virtual Platforms
Virtual Career Fair
Our Virtual Career Fair (VCF) gives you the ability to extend your reach, enabling you to connect your students and alumni with employers across the globe. With the host of services and the variety of sessions which we offer, we aim to provide the familiarity and accessibility of career fairs with all the benefits which going online has to offer.
Extend your reach; geographic boundaries become a thing of the past
Reduced costs, both for the host and participants
Easier attendance results in a larger audience
Analyze data and track performance


Virtual Campus
Our Virtual Campus (VC) is our response to the rapidly changing status quo which we are all experiencing. With our VC you will be able to host events, have guest speakers, and increase engagement with your students and alumni throughout the year. Our VC is designed to be an extension of your school. A platform which enables you to connect with the outside world, and extend your reach further than before.

Virtual Campus


Increase your offering
Increase your offering
Offering more to your students has never been easier with our virtual events, consisting of Corporate Presentations, Panels, Round Tables, Coffee Chats, One.on.Ones, and much more!
Corporate Presentation:
Formal presentations and large audiences.
Interactive corporate and alumni panels.
Round Tables:
Informal presentations and group conversations.
Coffee Chat:
Speed small group discussions and Q&A sessions.
Speed networking and private video 1:1 conversations.

One platform, many possibilities

With our completely integrated platform being the backbone of what we have to offer, it will feel less like a transition, and more like an addition to how much you can offer.

Were in it together

We offer both marketing materials and technical support to ensure a premium experience from start to finish. We are also here to help advise and guide you through any difficulties or uncertainties you might have.

Its your event

All our events can be branded and personalised to make sure that its your event! With a custom landing page that has your colors, your logo, and your brand at its center. Were here to help showcase you, and what you have to offer.

A brand you can trust

Here at, we have worked very hard to ensure that all the needs of our clients are met, if not surpassed. It is for this reason that we have had clients stick with us for over 15 years, and we hope to get the opportunity to show you why.

Its a numbers game

With the data and analytics that we collect throughout your events you will know exactly how successful each event was, and have the figures to prove it..

No hassle, Intuitive tools

Set up and manage your online sessions, on the go. In the background, we ensure everything works: scheduling, invitation emails, SMS reminders, statistics, etc.

Empower your Corporate Partners

Enable new and existing corporate partners to remotely engage in real-time with your students and alumni.

Help your students engage with employers through online events and MBA Competitions.

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Connect and interact in real-time with top MBA students.

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