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    6th October, 2022

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About the Virtual Event

Join us on October 6th to learn how when your fresh thinking and our support come together, we can make a meaningful impact on the future of health for people everywhere.

Imagine a career where your ideas can change the lives of others for the better. At our upcoming virtual event, see how Johnson and Johnson can help amplify your skills while you grow professionally and personally. Learn about the innovations we’re making in health technology, the collaborative culture we’ve created, and skills like intellectual curiosity, resilience, and emotional intelligence that lead to amazing innovations in healthcare. From treating cancer to finding vaccines for diseases like Ebola to harnessing technology to improve lifesaving surgeries, take the first step towards an exciting career at Johnson & Johnson.

Register now to learn more about our global Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) at Johnson & Johnson.

LDPs at Johnson & Johnson are hands-on rotational programs that have the power to transform you into a business leader of tomorrow. We have internship and full-time openings around the world, so no matter where you are, you´ll discover opportunities to accelerate your impact and development.

Learn how you can launch your career.

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As an Attendee, You Will Be Able to

  • Learn about internship and full-time opportunities in one of our global programs where you can shape the future of healthcare
  • Discover how you can accelerate your path to leadership-and why Johnson & Johnson is the perfect launchpad for your career
  • Have a chance to network with executives and recruiting managers from Johnson & Johnson
  • Find out how to apply early (even before we connect with many other candidates)
  • Leave with a clear sense of next steps, including insights on the selection process

About Johnson & Johnson

Our Company

As the world's largest and most broadly-based healthcare company, we are responsible for some of the most exciting healthcare breakthroughs of our time, from 3D printing artificial joints to using AI to accelerate the development of life-saving treatments. Every day, you can impact people's lives around the world as our innovative approach enhances daily personal care to improve health equity on a global scale.

Imagine the breakthroughs we'll make together

Breakthrough ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, and at any time. It's why we've created an environment that celebrates and respects the power and inspiration that comes from a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. From skin health products that address different skin types to the smallest breakthroughs that improve how we work together, it takes smart, driven interns and graduates to spark these fresh ideas. And with the resources of Johnson & Johnson behind you, it's a lot easier to bring these to life.

Innovate With Meaning

Across our three business segments-pharmaceuticals, MedTech, and consumer health products-we're redefining what it means to be a big company in the world today. In fact, future generations depend on us for these efforts, and YOU have the potential to help shape that future right now. When you launch your career with Johnson & Johnson, we'll make sure you realize that potential.

You Belong At Johnson & Johnson

You deserve to work in an environment where diverse perspectives are recognized, ideas matter more than titles and everyone feels welcome.

That´s precisely what you´ll get at Johnson & Johnson. We believe that business success will follow when we fearlessly take care of our people, our communities, and our planet. These values, outlined in Our Credo, continue to guide our actions and culture today. At Johnson & Johnson, you´ll find that how we do things is every bit as important as what we do.

Our Business Segments

Transforming the future of health is just the start.

As a world-leading innovator across pharmaceuticals, MedTech, and consumer health, we’re delivering breakthrough thinking that is impacting the lives of more than a billion people every day. Collaborating with leading companies and across our network of over 250 companies, we bring together advancements in artificial intelligence, HIV and cancer treatments, vaccines, data science, and cutting-edge surgical tools.

Consumer Products

The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies offers the world´s largest range of consumer healthcare products-so you'll find countless paths forward when you join our team, not a career tied to product lifecycles. And by anticipating needs and developing solutions, we´re helping people everywhere live healthier, more vibrant lives.


We think healthcare can be smarter, and more people-centered, at the Johnson & Johnson MedTech Companies, so we're reimagining how it gets delivered-and helping people live longer, healthier lives. Whether that means expanding patient access, improving outcomes or reducing health system costs, discover all of the ways we're driving value.

Pharmaceutical Products

From the front lines of some of the most pressing health challenges of our time, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson is actively changing the way that diseases are approached, prevented, intercepted, treated and cured. Explore our website to lean more.

Our Team

Diksha Gupte

IRDP Talent Recruiter

Rajeshwari Shankar

Global Operations Specialist

Sandesh B.S.

EMEA IRDP Manager & Global Internship Manager

Kashif Sarfraz

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions

Anna Tacconi

National Sales Manager - Janssen

Nicole Miron

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Carrie Lipson

HR Leader, Canada, MD

Robby Phonsia

HR Leader NA Strategic Partnership Group
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Johnson & Johnson IRDP Canada Event

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