Our IRDP Program

IRDP is an accelerated program for selected candidates who want to join one of our companies in Asia-Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, or Latin America.It provides a personal development plan for each participant that includes hands-on assignments at the local, regional, and/or international level.

IRDP assignments are designed to familiarize the participant with policies, processes, and products relevant to bringing vital healthcare solutions to the region and locality in which the participant will be working.The program also provides a robust leadership training curriculum based on the values in Our Credo; mentorships; interaction with senior management; extensive networking; and a broad perspective on the career development opportunities within our Family of Companies.

Entry pathways for IRDP

  • Full-Time: Opportunities are open to students in their final year of a full-time MBA, other business-related master's degree program, or PhD program.
  • Internships: Internships within the Asia-Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, or Latin America regions consist of 8 to 12-week assignments that usually take place from May to September.

Functional areas

IRDP positions are typically available for Business Development, Product Management, Finance, Health Economics, Market Access, Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales, and Marketing functions.

In what countries are there open IRDP roles?


What qualifications does an applicant need?

    Candidates must be:
  • Enrolled in an accredited, full-time MBA or other master's-level business degree program, or a relevant PhD program
  • Permanently authorized to work in the country where the job exists
  • Fluent in English and the language(s) of the country where the job exists

We prefer that candidates have three or more years of relevant professional experience prior to their MBA/master's degree program.

What is the interview process?

  • First interviews are conducted by members of the IRDP recruiting team.
  • Second-round, role-specific interviews are conducted by local managers.
  • Offers are extended on an ongoing basis.

How to apply?

  1. 1. Type careers.jnj.com into your Web browser
  2. 2. Enter the requisition number from the IRDP Matrix for the position you wish to apply to, or type IRDP into the Search Jobs box
  3. 3. Click on the position and follow instructions to apply.

Qualities that differentiate the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

  • Our Credo defines our commitment to customers, employees, communities, and stockholders. It has guided the ethical conduct of our business and corporate social responsibility since its creation in 1943. The impact of the shared values in Our Credo is also seen in our consistently being named one of the most admired and respected companies around the world.

  • Our decentralized structure is appealing to employees because it provides the agility for managers at the local and regional levels to implement strategies that are appropriate to their marketplaces. It engenders an entrepreneurial spirit and promotes cross-functional teamwork and collaboration.

  • The exceptional depth and breadth of our involvement in health care can provide broadly-based career opportunities that few other companies can match. We are a company with the scope and stability to provide substantial career opportunities and a focus on caring that enriches the career experience.

The benefits of launching your career here

Career development is part of the "DNA" of our company. Our commitment to each individual's career development includes well-defined processes to accelerate career growth, including:

  • A personal, customized development program
  • World-class leadership training and online learning
  • Global guidelines for productive career development conversations with your managers
  • Well-defined Leadership Imperatives that delineate how the shared values of Our Credo extend to behavioral and performance expectations for different roles and levels of management
  • Clear succession planning
  • Specific processes for bridging from leadership development to general management
  • Flexible career paths that may involve cross-function, cross-segment, and geographic moves

There are many other characteristics that enhance the career experience. Coaching and mentoring are considered prime responsibilities of management. Individuals are recognized for the value they bring to the organization, and they are encouraged to be vital right from the start. Employees are encouraged to take the leading role in defining and pursuing their career goals. The culture is supportive, collaborative, fast-paced, and innovative. Perhaps most important, individuals and teams share a passion for improving the health and well-being of people around the world.

How the passion you bring to you work will be supported?

From our Global Learning Organization that helps employees build professional and leadership competencies, to our Health and Wellness programs, we work hard to help employees live, work, and advance in the contributions they make.

Our sustainable business practices and corporate giving programs deliver on their promise to our communities by supporting employees in their efforts with the programs they care about. We often run contribution-matching programs, and we support our employees in balancing the time they may spend with volunteer programs.

How flexible career moves support dynamic career opportunities

During the IRDP program you will be attached to a particular segment. This will ensure you get deep, hands-on experience so you can do your very best and be successful. After the IRDP, it absolutely is possible to move between segments, and actually, Johnson & Johnson encourages such moves for further development. It does depend on your ongoing performance and the opportunities available at the time. Employees usually need to be in their role for at least 18 months before they are eligible for a new job.

Support for effective work-life balance

Our strong commitment to employees includes respect for the needs of their families, communities, and private lives. There are many programs that support employees' health and wellness, financial planning, and educational goals. Several of our companies offer special services and/or facilities for exercise and child care. Many positions are eligible for flex-time or other flexible work arrangements.

Learn more about careers within the Johnson & Johnson Family of companies at careers.jnj.com.
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