How we Recruit

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At L'Oréal, recruitment is about people and not a process. It is a long-term commitment which proactively identifies individuals who will enrich our teams with their diversity, experience and perspectives.

Step 1 / Online Application

You can apply for a job online by searching at for the jobs you are interested in and by clicking on "Apply."
You will have the opportunity to share your skills, training and professional experience with us. Your CV will then be saved immediately and confirmed by e-mail.

Step 2 / Pre-selection

Each application is carefully reviewed by our local recruiters. Our pre-assessment focuses on the combination of your background, skills and professional experience.
This will enable us to assess your motivation, competencies and potential and set them in perspective with our corporate culture.

Step 3 / In-depth analysis

Once the pre-selection stage is over you may meet with one or two managers whose job is to assess how your profile and expertise align with the job.
You will also meet our Human Resources Director who is responsible for the overall recruitment. In some countries this interview phase may include quantitative tests and group assessment centers.

Step 4 / Decision

The various people who have met you will meet to take a decision.

Step 5 / Job offer

If you are qualified for the job you applied for, you will be presented with an employment contract which you will sign with a Human Resources Director.

Step 6 / Welcome

Although the L´Oréal integration programme may vary from country to country, it always includes certain features:
An induction day in your department, A detailed presentation of your post (missions, objectives, contacts, etc.), and the L´Oréal Discovery seminar that focuses on presenting the L'Oréal Group.