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African Development Bank (AfDB)

The African Development Bank Group is a leading development finance institution in Africa as well as a knowledge and research centre and the preeminent voice for African development issues. With the primary aim of raising living standards and reducing poverty, we provide grants, loans, equity investments and high quality financial and technical expertise to sovereign and non-sovereign entities.

Our projects range from large-scale infrastructure initiatives over micro-credit projects to social improvements and poverty reduction.

The institution’s greatest assets are its human resources which come from a wide geographic area. The Bank is an equal opportunity employer and firmly believes that recruitment from a wide geographical and cultural spectrum enriches the institution with varied talents, experiences and skills that will enhance the quality of human resources management and ultimately the realization of the Bank’s mission of reducing poverty across the continent.

In accordance with its policy of decentralization aimed at taking its operations closer to its beneficiaries, the Bank has, over the past few years, established about 24 field and country offices across the continent.


We are seeking expertise on: