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Boldness, Innovation, Expansion …

strong expansion from its foundation in 1833 to its position today as the world’s leader in building materials. Over the years, new companies and countries have joined us and enriched Lafarge with new people and skills, cultures and experiences which have strongly contributed to its success. Our vision is to be the undisputed worldwide leader in building materials. This means being the best by:
generating value for our customers with innovative products and solutions,

giving our people every opportunity to contribute and develop their talents, with a high health and safety culture,

contributing to building a better world for our communities, by acting responsibly, being committed to and engaged in the protection of the environment, contributing to economic progress through healthy and vigorous competition.


Building Materials for a Sustainable World

For several years, Lafarge has pursued its goals in the context of a sustainable development strategy, with a unique level of expertise combining industrial efficiency, value creation, respect for people and cultures, environmental protection and dedication to saving energy and natural resources. Amongst others is the partnership launched in 2000 with the WWF which aims to improve environmental performance by reducing our Co2 emissions and managing biodiversity in our quarries. The group has also launched several initiatives to help develop sustainable construction methods, such as the “Energy efficiency building” project, to identify solutions to enable the design of buildings with zero net energy.


Safety, at the heart of our performance

Safety is the cornerstone of our performance culture and our long-standing people-centered tradition. We are already the leaders in our industry but we have the ambition to go further and become one of the safest industrial groups in the world.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO PROVIDING a safe and healthy environment for our staff and other stakeholders and to conduct our businesses in a safe manner. Health and Safety are core values that we incorporate in all aspects of our business. When it comes to safety, the only acceptable number is zero - zero accidents, incidents and occupational illnesses. Reaching this goal is critical for us to reach performance excellence behaviour.

The Lafarge Way

Our values

They include courage, integrity, commitment, consideration for others and an overriding concern for the Group’s interest. These are the foundations of our management philosophy. 

Making our people successful
Expecting people to give their best
Leading by example
Achieving greater results through teamwork
Focusing on performance improvement
Resulting from the actions of all
Making performance a daily commitment
Sharing systems and tools
With a multi-local organization
Building on our local and global strengths
Making our Business Units successful by leveraging the resources of a decentralized organization
Sharing clear processes and a limited number of respected and known rules