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March 21, 2021

A virtual and truly global case competition to generate game changing solutions for the UN Food Systems Summit in 2021.

Shortened definition: “A ‘game changing solution’ is a feasible action which can be sustained over time that would shift the capacity of food systems to advance global goals.”

Longer definition: “A ‘game changing and systemic solution’ is a feasible action, existing or new, based on evidence, best practice, or a thorough conceptual framework that would shift operational models or underlying rules, incentives, and structures that shape food systems, acting on multiple parts of – or across – the food system, to advance global goals which can be sustained over time.”

What are the key criteria for a game changing, systemic solution?

Impact potential at scale – including return on investment.
Actionability – politics, capacity, and costs.
Sustainability – the ability to keep delivering to 2030 and beyond.
What are the qualifiers for a game changing, system solution?

Have positive effects on ensuring equitable livelihood opportunities, advancing human health, and regenerating environmental integrity, with focus on youth, women, marginalized and disabled populations
Be a true departure from existing practices that address a long-term constraint, obstacle or trend
Be ambitious and think big with concrete pathways and actions for long term systemic change
Have deliberate impact pathways that account for/minimize/eliminate negative impacts, have co-benefits, or are mutually reinforcing on achieving the other Action Tracks’ goals
Be implementable at a sufficient scale to reach a large portion of the population with clear, timely and verifiable outcomes that produce significant impacts by 2030
Be sustainable, in that it can persist in the medium- to long-term future
Anticipate and prevent future lock-in’s
Promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in food consumption and production systems

The Global Case Competition will be held on Zoom from 5-21 March

You will have the opportunity to experience the challenges of coping with issues of fixing our broken food systems under the mentorship of fellow participants, consultants and referees.

5 March-7 March – First Round Challenge

5 March — Opening evening and introduction. Kick-Off: Teams are provided with the main case and given 24 hours to develop the solution.

6 March — Teams submit their respective solutions

7 March — Teams present their solutions. First Round Finals and Presentations: Each group will be judged by a group of three referees, with each referee group evaluating 10 teams for 25 minutes per solution (15-minute presentation and 10 minute Q&A), before selecting the two most promising solutions.

8 March – First Round Winners Announced

Official announcement of the winning teams from the First Round Challenge. The Final Team Challenge commences. Thereafter, a preparation session of the first-round winners and the process going forward.

8 March-20 March – Final Team Challenge

Winning teams from the First Round Challenge develop their solutions and work independently followed up by a consultant before submitting their final proposals.

21 March – Team Challenge Finals, Presentations and Winner Announcement

Two semi-finals. Two teams from each semi-final will present their respective solutions. The winner will be announced.

31 March – Incorporating Propositions into Action Tracks
The Action Tracks for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 will incorporate the most suitable propositions into further discussions with members states and their final action track submission.