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Job Description
Job: Product Manager (F&F) Open Location
Innovation, R&D, Strategy role
Full Time Job
Posted on: July 13, 2020
Locations: Belgium (East Flanders)
Job Description:
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reporting structure,
career path...)

The Product Manager (m/f/d) is responsible for the designated product lines for extruded PE film and to drive their profitable growth. The position oversees the portfolio, actively manages the product line’s financial performance and develops the portfolio’s product roadmap to meet the market’s needs and to achieve performance targets. This is accomplished through a thorough understanding of the customer and business environment, competitive landscape, changing consumer trends, and clear value propositions. The Product Manager works in close collaboration and in cross-functional team with other marketing functions, sales, operations and R&D and is the ambassador of product lines under his/her responsibility towards customers and other external stakeholders and a coach to sales teams for making winning value propositions.


This position is primarily responsible for product line strategy, portfolio management, new products development, new product launches, competitive positioning, product value maximization and business performance of the product line. The Product Manager is in charge of a portfolio representing an annual 35ktons and 85M€ sales, being produced on 4 different manufacturing sites in Europe, and being sold both to ‘internal customers’, i.e. Amcor conversion sites, and ‘external customers’, i.e. converters.

• Make a growth impact. Monitor and drive sales of the Product Line. Balance profitability and growth objectives with a keen insight of pricing. Special focus will be given to NBO and Repatriation projects.
• Responsible for setting product line vision, that is ideally differentiated and delivers value based on future customer / market demands. Clearly articulate the business value and create buy-in for the product vision both internally and with key external partners.
• Manages the product portfolio and thrives to reduce its complexity. Drives portfolio simplification projects, establishing master grades, while obsoleting redundant ones (and less cost-effective ones). Collaborate with R&D and customers to validate the selected masters in the applications.
• Manages route-to-market for new products, lead the process to decide if it will be sold to both internal and external customers, or restricted to internal customers. Inform sales teams accordingly.
• Identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that grow market share. The Product Manager maintains constant surveillance and awareness of the market and is able to effectively identify customer needs and trends. Initiates Segment projects in IMS, when development of new product is needed to fulfill a new market need. Participate in Gate Reviews for all projects on his/her product line (customer, segment, cross-segment projects).
• Drive new product launches, delivering on expectations set by the business case by clearly specifying the offering’s value proposition and targeted customers. Together with Marketing, work with cross-functional team (R&D, Operation, supply chain, marketing and sales) to develop the capabilities to produce and successfully commercialize the product.
• Competitive Analysis and benchmarking, the Product Manager maintains awareness of competitive products, potential competitive products and competitor capabilities. He/she is able to identify strengths and weaknesses of products relative to the competition, can anticipate competitive responses, and can consider competitive actions in the development of sales projections. Is the guardian ensuring that performance is equivalent in the application (‘like for like’) when product prices are being compared.
• Drive efficiencies. Product manager works closely with operations and R&D to find ways to reduce cost through reducing inefficiencies and waste due to change-overs and through material selection while maintaining product performance, and through portfolio optimization.
• Manage Price positioning, ensuring both competitiveness and value capture. This will be done with business insight, depending whether the product is a commodity or differentiated grade.
• Sales forecasting and budgeting. Contribute to annual planning processes for the product line.
Job qualifications and experience, academic degrees, personal traits...

Formal Qualifications and Experience
• Master’s degree required (preferably in related engineering field), MBA is a plus
• Technical background with experience in business: minimum 10 years of experience in business development of technical products, R&D, marketing operations, and/or supply chain. Experience in Product Line Management.
• Fluent in English. Any other major European language is a plus.
• Technical knowledge of coextruded films is a plus.
• Project management skills and ability to lead cross functional task force teams

Specific Skills and Abilities
• Strong business acumen
• Substantial project management experience in complex organization
• results oriented – ability to translate the strategy into actionable plans
• Analytical skills with a high degree of creativity to drive fact-based business decisions
• Strong teamwork skills and proven leadership skills
• Excellent verbal, written and presentational skills
• Flexibility and ease to adapt to new cultural environments
• Ability and desire to concretely execute plans to reach and to exceed objectives
• You appreciate to work in an environment where team spirit and empowerment are important values
• Translate customer needs into business opportunities.

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