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Job Description
Job: Climate Change Entrepreneur (CCE)
Financial Management, Other Finance, Marketing & Communications, Operations, Production & Supply Chain role
Full Time Job
Posted on: December 22, 2020
Deadline: February 20, 2021
Locations: USA (New Mexico)
Job Description:
(primary responsibilities,
reporting structure,
career path...)
Each CCE will set up his/her own company which obtains a license from Ocean-based Climate Solutions, Inc. (OBCS), the new company to be funded concurrently via crowdfunding or by soliciting investment from angels and philanthropic investors. Once sufficient funding is on hand from this effort (approx $250k plus the CCE's required income for 6-12 months), the CCE will be trained in production (Albuquerque NM USA) and deployment (Morro Bay CA USA) of our wave-driven upwelling pumps to be deployed in the open ocean. Then the CCE will begin to develop customers ideally public-listed corporations wishing to become net-zero CO2 to sponsor arrays of the pumps - each of which is estimated to sequester 250 tons CO2 per year. Upon success gaining a corporate sponsor, the CCE will set up and manage the factories to produce and deploy the pumps which could be in low-income coastal regions; then grow the projects both within the subscribing corporation and with new subscribers to make a real difference. We are calling this Climate/Ocean Restoration Effort (CORE).
Job qualifications and experience, academic degrees, personal traits...
Bold. Entrepreneurial. Some basic mechanical ability (wrench vs screwdriver!). Risk-taker. Broad business management capabilities (wear all the hats, for a while).
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Name: Philip Kithil

Ocean-based Climate Solutions, Inc.
Industry Financial Services, Industrial Products & Manufacturing/Environmental Services & Waste Management, Transportation & Logistics
Company description

Our wave-driven upwelling pump technology enables ocean ecosystem restoration and ocean carbon dioxide removal (“ocean CDR”) by delivering cold deep water containing surplus nutrients (including C,N,P and trace minerals) to the upper sunlit ocean, triggering blooms of phytoplankton that must absorb dissolved CO2 to metabolize the nutrients. This lowers the ocean surface/air boundary volume of CO2 molecules (called pCO2, partial pressure of CO2), enabling more CO2 dissolve into the ocean. The phytoplankton, having converted CO2 into carbon, are eaten/defecated or die and sink to the deep ocean where their carbon content is sequestered for millenia. The ocean ecosystem benefits include: a) re-oxygenate the local ocean strata (since phytoplankton give off oxygen during the photosynthesis process); b) improve fish populations (since phytoplankton are base of the food chain); c) cool the upper ocean (helping de-stratify and restoring historic ocean conditions); d) depending on process time scale, not worsen upper ocean pH where most calcifiers live. Our funding model is called Stock For Carbon which is far less costly than if the corporation paid a carbon tax to 'offset' equivalent tons of CO2. By paying in common stock not cash, the corporation preserves working capital, maintains operations, R&D, market and product development, and jobs. Investors are temporily diluted but by improving its sustainability ranking, the stock price increases which gains higher ROI. Free to the company, the shareholders see improved ROI, and the environment wins!