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CEU Business School

CEU Business School

General Description

CEU Business School was founded in Budapest in 1988 by a group of visionary leaders headed by legendary investor and philanthropist George Soros.

We are rapidly emerging under our new leadership. With assistance from an endowment 3x the per-student value of that possessed by Oxford and Cambridge, we offer educational program opportunities which are uniquely relevant for today's challenges, and which are offered at a highly subsidized tuition rate.

CEU Business School, a US-chartered institution founded by George Soros in 1988, trained the cadre of CEE managers and entrepreneurs who led the successful transition from a socialist to a market economy. Offering an American MBA and adhering to world-class standards of excellence in teaching and intellectual leadership, the School is now embarking on its equally exciting second-quarter century. Its overreaching commitment now is to provide emerging and re-emerging economies with the most effective and relevant theory and practice in state-of-the-art management. The school emphasizes especially innovation and entrepreneurship, integrity management, leadership, and managerial professionalism. The School’s distinguished faculty are respected pacesetters in their fields, and its students are expected to make an impact and are prepared to have multiple high-level and creative careers throughout their professional lives.


  Accelerated One-year MBA Katalyst Executive MBA
Duration12 months22 months
Graduation monthAugustAugust / January

Contact Details

Frankel Leó út 30-34
Budapest 1023

Information updated in July 2016