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McCombs School of Business

General Description

Texas McCombs is a premier business school at a world-class public research university. We are a community that fosters lifelong engagement with our students and alumni. We cultivate principled leaders and develop ideas that will advance our economy, improve lives, strengthen our communities, and create new knowledge for future generations. Through high-quality instruction, experiential learning, and the pursuit of relevant, groundbreaking research, we are shaping those who will shape tomorrow and solve our most challenging problems. During your journey, you’ll learn and work alongside classmates from every imaginable background—their unique perspectives pairing with yours to create true innovation. You’ll take classes in cutting-edge facilities. You’ll be challenged and inspired by some of the finest students in the world. You’ll learn directly from the most distinguished faculty. And you’ll do it all in Austin, Texas—America’s #1 city for innovation and entrepreneurship.



Information updated in January 2020