Leadership Programs and Consulting Opportunities

Big ideas start with people

People at Siemens are thinkers, dreamers and doers. That´s why we recruit people with more than just a passion for disruptive ideas - they must also have the courage to bring them to life.

On September 10th, come and learn about our unique leadership programs. You will gain an in-depth perspective on the Finance Excellence Program (FEP) and the CEO* Program. You will have an opportunity to learn more on Siemens Management Consulting, the top management strategy consultancy for one of the world's most innovative engineering and technology companies.

Do you want to break out of your comfort zone? You´re in the right place. Our Finance Excellence Program (FEP) will set you up with everything you need to establish a unique leadership career in finance.

The CEO* Program is a one-of-a-kind *Chief Executive Opportunity for a selected group of extraordinary talents from around the world.

Interested in careers with SMC? We prepare Siemens for future market developments, social changes, and the challenges of global competition.

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As an Attendee, You Will Be Able to:

  • Interact directly with Siemens executives and recruiting managers
  • Get an inside view of Siemens, our people and our vision
  • Learn what it's like to work within Siemens
  • Get an inside track on your next steps, including our selection process