Our Mission

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If you want to sustainably shape a company's future, you've got to provide answers to the following questions: How do you anticipate global changes? How do you remain the world leader in industrial digitalization? How will you achieve long-term value creation? We are providing answers with our Vision 2020+ company strategy.

1. A clear mission

A mission expresses a company's self-understanding and defines its aspirations. "We make real what matters." That's our aspiration. That's what we stand for. That's what sets us apart. A reflection of our strong brand, it's the mission that inspires us to succeed.

2. A lived ownership culture

One engine of sustainable business is our ownership culture, in which every employee takes personal responsibility for our Company's success. "Always act as if it were your own Company" - this maxim applies to everyone at Siemens, from Managing Board member to trainee.

3. A consistent strategy

Siemens is setting the course for long-term value creation through accelerated growth and stronger profitability with a simplified and leaner company structure. The main aim of the Vision 2020+ company strategy is to give Siemens' individual businesses significantly more entrepreneurial freedom under the strong Siemens brand. Plans also call for strengthening the company's growth portfolio through investments in new growth fields such as IoT integration services, as well as the concentrated expansion of industrial digitalization.