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The Program for future business leaders.
Siemens CEO* Program: A one-of-a-kind *Chief Executive Opportunity.

About the Program

The Siemens CEO* Program is an exceptional opportunity for a selected group of extraordinary talents from around the world. Only a handful of candidates are selected each year to participate in this unique leadership development program.
CEO* Program participants are invited to take part in a demanding 24-months program that includes up to three assignments around the world. By choosing the individual assignments based on personal development needs, the CEO* Program pushes the participants to their limits. It gives them ample opportunity to demonstrate their leadership expertise in tackling real challenges across different Siemens businesses.

Participants engage in specially developed trainings, receive individual coaching, and have regular interactions with Siemens senior executives. The program offers a unique opportunity for fast tracking one's international management career at Siemens and for developing a richer leadership personality on and off the job.

What to Expect

Don't just take a seat, take a ride.

Are you a leader at the top of your game? If you think you're ready for the biggest challenge of your career so far, then our CEO* Program could be for you. Take this extraordinary opportunity to become part of a select group of promising international leaders each year. The world is constantly changing and we're always thinking about what's next. Can you help us build the technologies and innovations of tomorrow? We are looking for open-minded, bold leaders who have a thorough understanding of the world we live in - dedicated, talented people who are determined to find answers and to make a difference.

Outstanding candidates. An opportunity of a lifetime.

Introducing our CEO* Program. A unique opportunity for the best and brightest in their fields from around the world to learn what it takes to lead a global enterprise.

What we Expect

Which Qualifications do you need?

If you meet the requirements and feel you are up to the challenge, we encourage you to send us your CV and cover letter.


The CEO* Program is set up fully globally and we want to provide you with the breadth of opportunities that Siemens as a company has to offer. We will work with your interests to identify opportunities across the globe, in any of the 190 countries in which Siemens currently maintains a presence.

CEO* Program participants are invited to take part in a demanding program that includes up to three assignments around the world - for instance in China, South Africa, Brazil, the USA, Russia, etc.

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